My First Sweater

The beginnings of a sweater.

I don’t know about anybody else right now, but if I’m not cooking, cleaning, or taking care of my kids, I’m knitting. I’ve made wrist warmers, a shawl, a giant cowel, and a sweater. I currently have another sweater and a shrug in the works and am waiting to begin unraveling a crochet project to knit a sweater for my husband. I had thought the crochet pattern I picked would work up really quickly to finally make a sweater for my husband (it would have been my first adult sweater and second sweater ever). What I had not anticipated was my boredom and frustration with the repetitive stitch. The finished back and almost done front piece with all the rest of the yarn have been sitting in a bag for at least two years now.

A sweater taking shape and a cowel.

Thankfully, I was able to stock up a bit on supplies and yarn before this all began. I had a few patterns in mind and tried to make sure I had enough of the right yarn and the right needles. Even though I’ve been knitting for most of my life, I’ve only really been getting the hang of it the last few years. Incidentally, I did not get everything I would need. So I changed some of my plans. My first project during quarantine, however, I was prepared for.

My work against the book.

During one of my solo trips to Barnes and Noble -you know, before all this started- I found this wonderful knitting book called “Coffeehouse Knits”. I had circled back to my roots and my hands did not want to touch a crochet hook, only knitting needles. I was feverishly hunting down the most essential knitting books (for me). All the patterns in it are so warm and really made me feel like I was sitting in almost any of the coffeehouses I hung out in in my younger years. I knew exactly which sweater I was making and who it was for. Me.

The only metal needles I like to use. They have a matting and are not too slippery.

I usually gift most of what I make. I only make practice pieces for myself that work up fairly quickly, so I have time for everyone else’s items. It keeps me happy and warm, but I have been longing to make sweaters. I almost always make the first of anything for myself anyway. That way I can learn and make it better for someone else. I have definitely learned a few things on this one.

Waiting for sleeves!

The yarn I used is a bit stiffer than the pattern, but I kind of like that. The neck is a bit long, so I would definitely make it a bit shorter next time. I also knew the pattern might come out a bit long, but I didn’t want to try it on until it was done. It’s a bit wide around the middle, but again, I kind of like that. Honestly, there are things I would change to make it a little more me, but now I know that and can adjust the next one. Although it might take me a while to get to another sweater for myself. I’ve got a long list now that I know what I’m doing.

This was such a fun pattern to work with!

So here is my first knit sweater ever! I love it and it has been keeping me toasty warm on these chilly April days. The process of creating something usable has been really therapeutic during these times. I hope everyone can fine what helps them through. This massage therapist is happy to keep her hands busy and is ready for the next project!

My daughters helped take some photos for me.

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2 thoughts on “My First Sweater

  1. The sweater is gorgeous! I applaud 👏🏻 your ability to take on large projects like that. I am short on patience. Like you, I knit a lot, but I like instant gratification. I make hats, headwraps, etc. Small projects keep me sane.


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