What’s Left in the Pantry?

There is a stack of tires stinking up my kitchen. Our recycling is overtaking a whole corner of the house. The sink is full of dishes. The girls refuse to sleep. The laundry is backing up. And I think my kids are starting a water cup collection in their bedroom. But at least I can still whip up something everyone will eat. Tonight was one of my best ones, if I do say so myself. Stew Covered Cornbread.

I gathered things from the pantry and freezer. I’ve got all those boxes of Jiffy cornbread from my mom and I do love cornbread. Of course I always like to jazz it up. I didn’t have the ingredients for what I originally wanted to do, so I made stuff up as I went.

Canned corn is always sweeter, so that will work. No sour cream, or yogurt, so milk it is. And why not some shredded cheese? This was also the first time I followed that direction that say to let it sit for a few minutes before stirring again and pouring it in to the muffin cups.

Then the stew. I wanted to get rid of this awful can of chicken pot pie filling that I’ve had taking up space. I bulked it up with frozen veggies, cream of celery, canned chicken, milk, and whatever spices seemed right at the time. I heated it up on medium-high until it bubbled, then let it simmer with the lid on. It was amazing! The kids really liked it too.

I love my kitchen gadgets! This one is from my mom and is super easy to use and clean. Just mix up whatever muffin mix you want, pour in, and cook up. Wipes clean. With all these Jiffy boxes we’ve got, some donuts are in order. Apple Cinnamon donuts with applesauce. Easy snack.

Spaghetti is always a hit with the kids. And if I’m being honest, I get excited for spaghetti night too. I never really do anything fancy with it. I just cook whole wheat pasta (I find it more filling than white so I eat less). Ground beef gets salt, pepper, garlic, and chili pepper. Once it’s cooked I add whatever jar of sauce I have on hand, top with grated Parmesan cheese. The best is when there is enough leftovers, you can have baked spaghetti with melted cheese another night.

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