A Little Too Small

Just rolled out of bed.

Well, I finished my daughter’s sweater. She was so excited when I woke her up in the morning and she tried it on. She just makes my heart melt. Then we took a look and the sleeves don’t touch her wrists and it’s a bit tight across her chest. She refused to take it off, until she herself had to admit it was too tight.

Now to find a 2 year old to give this to.

I will make her another one. The pattern was a lot of fun. I’ve already started my middle one’s. I’m changing up the colors and am going to make stripes instead of the two blocks of color. I think I’m having even more fun the second time around. I also love using this bag my sister gave me for Christmas! I keep all of my knitting and crochet supplies within.

Another thing I’m learning is that I really need to use scrap yarn for holding sleeve stitches so these sweaters can be tried on by me or my kids. My first sweater is wonderful, but if I ever make it again, I would definitely make a few changes. I’m really hoping this sweater for my mom fits. We definitely have different body types, but we have shared sweaters.

Almost there.

Hopefully I can finish this sweater in the next couple days and send it off to my mom. Then I’ll focus on sweaters for my kids, but I am working on the design for a sweater for my sister. I’m taking a basic top-down pattern and adding cabling. I can’t find any cable garment patterns I like, so I’ll just start making them up myself. That’s why I finally bought this.

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