Sweater Mania

The “Latte Swirl” sweater has been finished and sent and received! I’m super proud of how it turned out and I’m really proud of my ability to adjust the pattern to give my mom a perfect fit. She got it the day after Mother’s Day and sent me a picture right away. The elastic bind-off was great for this item too.

I’ve started my middle daughter’s sweater. Definitely not done by her birthday (today), but so far it fits, and she knows it’s coming. I’m not sure how I feel about the stripes, but then again, I’m not much for stripes. I also did a few of the things I know better than to do. I put the yarn balls and pull-skeins in a bag with holes in the top for the yarn. This meant tangling that was not so easy to twist out. I wound up cutting one color, running to the end of the ball with another color, and one didn’t fit in the bag in the first place, so all is untangled now.

Then I forgot to make sure all yarn strings were up through the circular needles, so I’m pulling one color up through the sweater to use. Ugh! I’ll be through the body soon and hopefully don’t repeat my mistake with the sleeves.

Next up is my sister’s cardigan. Her birthday also just passed and I’m hoping she won’t mind that her gift is a month late. I’m trying to keep it simple, but it rarely ever is with me. I’m slowly plodding my way through charting and pattern writing the plain top-down pattern with braid cables inserted on the body and the sleeves. It’s difficult and slow, but so worth it and so much fun! I’ve turned into a sweater maniac!

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