Kitchen Magic

Chinese style stir-fry is always a favorite in this house. I’ve started stocking up on dry lo mein and rice noodles for those nights when I need to whip up something quickly with as little effort as possible. I keep chicken nuggets or tenders and frozen vegetables stocked up in the fridge too. I threw the veggies in with the pasta to cook. The middle picture above is all the stuff I put on the noodles. It was delicious!

This one sounds strange, even to me, but it was amazing! It’s chicken salad topped with kalamata olives, carrots, and feta. And of course I put a pita with it. Then one of my favorite breakfasts of scrambled eggs with broccoli and cheese. Served up with some oven baked bacon and toasted bagel.

I had almost forgotten about this recipe. It is one of my favorites. This time I baked a whole bunch of chicken in the oven for the week and cooked the sweet potatoes and peppers on the stove with cinnamon and ginger. Dessert was easy Pillsbury blueberry biscuits.

Best lunch so far this week! Growing up in Buffalo, NY I ate a lot of Greek food. This is my take on Souvlaki and it made me sweetly homesick. I heated the pita, chicken, and bacon with some feta first. Then I topped it with lettuce, sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, kalamata olives, more feta, and a honey balsamic dressing. I ate it down like a salad until I could fold it up to eat like a sandwich. Absolutely amazing!

Another hit! Baked potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and Asiago, spinach sausage. I baked the potatoes and sprouts first for about 40 minutes and then added the sausage for another 30 minutes. It may have taken less time if I had had the oven high enough. The kids loved it, but this one only wanted the sprouts and my oldest only ate the sprouts and the sausage.

Finally started making Sangria. Yummy. S’mores are made in the toaster oven. And this sweater is managing to come along nicely.

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