Back to Work

It is wonderful being back at work! It’s a bit strange. We have less people working at the same time. We stagger appointments to keep up the physical distancing. We have masks on, high-tech air filtration systems, hospital grade cleaners, and a few other things have changed to keep everyone as safe as we can.

I have to say the hardest part about being back to work is not being able to hug each other. It is so hard for us massage therapists! We speak through touch. It’s a physical sensation in my hands and my arms to want to touch to communicate. Even with that, all of us are so happy to be able to touch again. To see clients we have been working with for years or some we are just getting to know. The world needs more compassionate healing right now.

During these tumultuous times in this country and around the globe, many are taking up the call to action. Protestors, medics, spiritual leaders, activists, news casters,… all have been stepping up. In large numbers. Even politicians are starting to listen. And I applaud them and am grateful to them all, but I cannot be any of those. As much as I want to march or lead an organization that helps, it’s not my path.

I am a mother to young children. Raising them to be the best versions of themselves is my path towards a better future. I am a friend to many who have suffered these injustices their whole life. Listening to them, being a sounding board, hearing their stories and offering them support is my contribution to the cause. I am a sister, daughter, in-law, cousin, niece, aunt,… I support my extended family and call out the ignorance and judgement. I will hold all of my family to the high standard of treating every life with respect and worth. No matter that person’s history. I will lose family over my ideas and ideals. So be it. I will not remain silent.

Most of all I am a healer. Not as in this is my power or ability. This is the role I have been given. My whole life has led me to being able help others on their journey. To remind them of their own value and power. I don’t heal people. That’s not what I mean when I call myself a healer. I am simply here to care for you and guide you to your own healing. What I do makes no difference unless you want to heal. I’ve had clients where I continue to work the same issues over and over because the person has chosen to not heal, or is not ready to just yet. I’ve also had clients who patiently waited for results from the massage, put in the hard work of exercising, stretching, resting, and hydrating, and have had incredible results. It’s not me. I’m just showing you what you already know, but maybe forgot.

So as I get back into the swing of holding space for others, I am also reminded to hold space for myself. When it’s just me, I get lazy. When I need to take care of others, my health becomes a priority. Speaking of, I think it’s time for some Reiki and crystal Chakra work. The world is heavy right now. Make some space, and let the healing begin!

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Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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