Another One Done

Another project done. I do enjoy how quickly bulky yarn works up. I do not enjoy how heavy it is and the strain on my wrists just moving stitches around. I’m still trying to work out the knots in my left thumb pad and down my forearm from holding all that weight! But it’s done and I’m excited. I want to try to drop it off to my friend today.

This is a top-down shawl. I used the basic yo on either end and each side of the cable on the right side of the piece for increasing. I didn’t count to ensure I cabled on the correct row. I just eyeballed it. I did not want perfection. I’m quite proud of the edging. I made a plan and it worked! That’s always exciting, right?

And now I am focusing my efforts on this beauty. I’m still undecided as to whether I like it, but I’m having fun knitting it, so I’m game for figuring it out when it’s done.

Then there is my sister’s sweater. I have to sit down and finish writing out the pattern from the charts I made. I keep changing my mind on the color for her, but her tastes have changed as she’s gotten older. She also started doing one of those clothing boxes and keeps what she likes and sends back what she doesn’t, so she is finding herself wearing things she might not have ordinarily not thought to before. This also means her color palate has changed. It seems I’m making everyone in my family a green sweater this year!

Or I could make my husband happy and finally start working on his sweater…

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Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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