Just a Few Dishes

One of my favorite breakfasts! I have to admit though, I don’t usually eat until brunch-time. It takes a few cups of coffee for me to be awake enough. And then I make myself something like this! It’s left-over sweet potato hash with peppers and an egg scrambled in. Super easy! It keeps me going for a long time.

More roasted dinners! I absolutely love working in the kitchen, putting it all together, getting it in the oven, and walking away. The first one is leftover potato and sausage casserole. Since my girls ate all the Brussels sprouts, I added broccoli for some vegetable. Another night, I put some ham in the oven with sliced sweet potatoes and heated up some frozen green beans in the stove. I always add honey and brown sugar to any ham I bake. Last is yet another chicken sausage and Brussels sprout casserole. I made some mashed potatoes on the stovetop. Again, the girls loved the sprouts.

When the weather outside starts to heat up, I like to make large pasta bowels that are easy for us to eat all week. We were unable to have tomatoes with our pasta as my kids will be turning into them one day and left none for us. This one does have black and green olives, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, pieces of pepperoni, and yellow peppers (the kids ate all the red peppers too) all tossed with Italian dressing.

After allowing my kids too much YouTube time these past few weeks, my older two (especially my middle one) has decided they would prefer to be vegetarians like one of their favorite YouTubers. At first I was really upset. We don’t have a meat heavy diet as it is. Burgers and BLT’s are a special treat around here. Now I’m kind of excited to be getting more into some vegetarian dishes. I’ve gone meatless a few times in my life. It will be fun to do it with my girls.

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