Who Else Loves Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman has always been my favorite. Always. My older brother was really into comics for a long time and would give me his old Wonder Woman comics because they were worthless to him. I, of course, could not understand this. Those few comics were some of my more treasured possessions.

I loved her calmness and sweetness, as much as her fierceness and physical strength. I loved that she was soft, as much as I loved how tough she was. To have a female in such a male dominated world, standing all on her own, and being a fully developed character was amazing. Her strength didn’t come from any patriarchal force. Her strength was wholly feminine. Her innocence in certain matters also struck a cord with me. I too, could not understand these social constructs that we created and continued to uphold, even knowing they don’t make sense. I loved having a character like me that could see all the good despite all the ugly in the world.

Most of all I loved her pursuit of Truth and peace in spite of ridicule and calls for swift violence. She is a unique Feminist icon, created by a peculiar man. On one of our special trips to Barnes and Noble, just the girls and myself, I happened across a book, about the history of Wonder Woman. Absolutely fascinating! I’m a huge nerd and really enjoy learning everything I can about things that I really enjoy. I don’t tend to get obsessive (except maybe with knitting), but I do get enthusiastic. I highly recommend The Secret of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore if you’re a fan of all things Wonder Woman.

As an adult, I no longer have to make due with my brother’s second hand comics (although I think I have those comics tucked away somewhere safe). I am working on collecting the Universe Rebirth series of Wonder Woman. The first one is brilliant in creating the setting for the rest and I’m reading them for the third time. Eventually I may buy some of the older issues. And of course her stand-alone movie is awesome!

As a crafter, I love to create things that fulfill my nerdy desire to have and wear items from my favorite stories. This is a plastic canvas sleeve I made for spare pads. I don’t actually use these pads anymore (I found organic cotton ones that are just heavenly!), but I keep the sleeve around. I just free-handed the W’s. Sometimes I impress myself. Recently, I stumbled across a Wonder Woman wrap pattern on Ravelry. It took me forever to make a Ravelry account and now that I have I’m so delighted. (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/wonder-woman-wrap-knit)

I am writing the pattern out by hand so I can break it up in a way that keeps me on track. There are a few stitches I’ve never done before, which is even more exciting. My preference on her color scheme is the new version. I love the maroon color, and that she’s got more bronze than gold and some silver. So here are the colors I chose. The red is called Claret. It will be red with the yellow W’s taking up most of the shawl, then I’m using the blue as a border for the W‘s. I’m really excited!

Hopefully I can finish that Summer shawl I’ve been working on tonight. I try not to knit before work so my fingers don’t cramp during a massage. Then I can block it and finish copying the pattern over, so hopefully I can start the wrap tomorrow, on my day off. These are the things that make me happy.

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