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I have always been a bit of an optimist. Some people might disagree with me on that and I’ll admit there were times when I doubted my optimism. But life has done its best to show me the truth in humanity. People are, in fact, innately good.

Over the years I’ve been given examples or instances that prove the opposite. I have been laughed at, or ignored. The only thing those people have proven to me is how misguided we all are about who we really are and what our lives really should look like.

Then I heard about this guy that was speaking up against the wealthy and their tax loopholes at their own conference. Rutger Bregman. At this point I was intrigued. I watched an interview with him on The Daily Show and went out and bought “Utopia for Realists”. Incredible book. He definitely does his research and I love that he even tries to prove himself wrong as much as he tries to prove himself right. It was exactly the tonic I needed.

Then 2020 happened. Things have been feeling pretty hopeless on a grand scale. A friend of mine shared that his next book was coming out and I preordered it. “Humankind: A Hopeful History”. I cannot recommend this book enough. I’m savoring every chapter. Finally, proof that we are actually good. Proof that we are meant to be living life differently. Proof that I’m not delusional. It’s a balm to my soul.

Go check out “Humankind: A Hopeful History” by Rutger Bregman. Seriously, you won’t regret it.

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