The Magic of Sunshine

Finally found the motivation to have the epic battle of getting the kids out of the house for a hike. A few of our favorite places are currently under construction and so our choices are a bit limited, but Coyler Lake is always a nice spot.

It’s a bit hard to believe our youngest will be five soon. She is so fearless.

The fishing here is catch and release and all these little fish just swim around in the weeds, waiting to get caught. The girls love watching them. Especially with daddy.

It wasn’t long before we needed a break. The air was really stagnant today and while it did not feel hot, we were sweaty and tired with little effort.

It still felt really good to be out amongst the trees and by the water. I try to encourage the girls to breathe deep and enjoy it. Especially on a Tuesday afternoon when there was almost no one else around.

And of course, I worked on my current WIP in the car. As much as I love driving, I really love having time to knit uninterrupted.

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Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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