More Camping

So. The thing about camping in the woods where the internet is spotty is keeping up with my posts becomes difficult. My phone is too full for my Bluetooth to send pictures to my iPad and they weren’t downloading from my email address either. Then, half of one of my posts didn’t save, so I decided to put it aside and just enjoy myself.

We had kind of a set rhythm to our days. Coffee/breakfast. Rest. Then the beach, which was wonderfully not crowded. Lots of space for us all to enjoy. Then lunch back at the campsite and some more rest. Someone would go to the store for dinner and we would cook it over the fire. Then a hike down to the lake and a snack when we came back. Then we would all head to our own campsites and settle in for the night. Absolute heaven.

We did have one night of light rain and missed the beach because of the rain, but I loved it. We never got around to putting the rain tarp on the tent, so I’m glad it was mild. Especially since it was the only night my husband and youngest stayed the night in the tent. Of course.

It was a wonderful week. I learned a few new skills and am excited for us to try this again. I did my best to soak up every moment. By the end of the week I was ok with going home. I desperately needed a shower and all the sun was wearing me out.

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