Knitting in Nature

I had big plans for shawls during my time in the woods. I was going to complete a section on both shawls every day. I should have known better. I’m not upset I couldn’t keep up- just amused. It’s my nature to have big dreams and yet be utterly happy with reality.

I was pleasantly surprised by my sister’s reaction. I’ve always had the impression that she prefers my gifts to be a surprise. She’s also very willing to tell me what she would prefer (which I appreciate). This time, she was happy to see what I was creating. She indulged my “knit talk” even though no one in my family really understands what I mean. This was also my way of making sure she liked the colors.

See my sister and I have had quite the journey together and in our own lives. She was always so needy to me, when we were kids, and I was often busy being self-involved, or dealing with our older brother’s nearly constant crisis mode. I’m a very strange individual to most people, when they get to know me, and it made me self-conscious in many ways, while strengthening my character in other ways.

My sister also holds people to really high standards. She’s eased up a bit and learned to be a little more patient, understanding, and forgiving than when she was younger, as have I. I have also learned that I need to just be myself and not worry so much about annoying my sister. Her honesty no longer hurts like it use to. Our family can be brutally honest, but it’s all from a place of love. I am a dork. I’m good with that. Secretly, she is too.

This idea formed pretty much on its own. I have suddenly taken to shawls for the Summer months. This heat is too much for sweaters. I kept coming across the Road Trip Shawl on Ravelry and I really loved the idea of telling a story through knitting. Two of my favorite things! Then, I thought how wonderful it would be to have a shawl to remember this camping trip during the pandemic. To remember our bond and feel connected as sisters even with miles between us.

Top one is my sister’s and the bottom, mine.

Now I’m working on them at home. I’m still on vacation for a few more days, so we’ll see how much I can get done. I’m excited to see what I do with them! It’s going to be a surprise for me too.

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