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It’s been nice feeling inspired to cook again and get creative with our food. I’ve even started doing a little bit of yoga again. Food and fitness go hand in hand for me. If my food is not on track, I can’t get my exercise done. It helps when I find produce that inspires me. Hearty fresh fruits and vegetables, mostly from local farmers is the best for getting my creative juices flowing. I’m going to have to take the girls to farmer’s markets again.

This is a treat for me. No one else in the family really seems to like these cheese and cracker combinations I do. This honey is so sweet and perfect with the brie. The quince paste is definitely dessert quality. I used a nice smear of cheese and then a tiny dab of either the honey or the paste on the toasted bread chips. I was absolutely delighted.

Store bought rotisserie, boiled corn on the cob, and pan roasted potatoes. The girls were so excited for corn on the cob! I used my usual mix of spices, plus a bit of ginger on the potatoes.

Breakfast the next day. I used the rest of the potatoes and some sausage roasted in the oven. Then I sautéed some zucchini until it was soft and added eggs. I melted provolone cheese on most of the eggs. Yummy!

This as my first attempt at ratatouille. My eggplant did not survive my cooking and I had to leave it out. I have only ever cooked it once before. I cooked the pasta in salty basil water and the zucchini was sautéed in oil with garlic and a bit of salt. Since I am not a big fan of cooked tomatoes, those and the red peppers were lightly heated in oil and a bit of salt and basil. Then I mixed all the veggies together and put them over the pasta and some of that rotisserie chicken we had left. It was delicious. I’m excited for my next attempt.

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