Getting Ready for Fall

My favorite time of year is coming up and I’m trying to put hints of it around the house. I know it’s not Fall yet, but school has begun (and is going well so far!) and so we begin the annual ritual of cleaning and packing up the Summer stuff. Then, I bring out the early Autumn decorations with a few Halloween pieces- just because.

I can’t help but get a few new items every year as well. One can never have enough Autumn or Halloween decorations, so I added a few gnomes around the house. And a couple cinnamon brooms. Mmmm. Also, as my girls get older what we can put up changes. My husband and I never decorated until we had kids, and even then, we waited until they were old enough to notice. So I have been slowly building our stock for each holiday/season.

This space is usually never empty. This is where I put all the crochet items I made for each season. Back when I liked doing that. I may like it again as these pieces age and my need for variety grows. (I even have two sets of snowflakes for the two parts of winter. I should probably start working on two sets for Fall.) Anyway, I took all the Spring stuff down (I know. I never took Spring down and nothing was ever put up for Summer. Its been a weird year.) and all the Autumn items for the wall are in the bin I did not bring down. Maybe I’ll get to it later today. I mean, I have two large bins for early Autumn and Halloween, and one bin for Thanksgiving. It all gets a bit jumbled. I’m going to have to add a third bin for Autumn this year.

I really like coming up with a new center piece every year for each season too. It’s a new thing for me. Again, the kids are old enough to leave it alone now. Mostly. And of course my Autumn wreath is up. I’ll wait til October for the Halloween one. Maybe.

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