Rest is Important Too

Some days you just have to take it easy. The last two days have been those sort of days. I have gotten a few things done around the house. The girls and I have actually packed their lunches the night before two nights now and have had their clothes ready for in the morning. In a little bit, I will get my things ready for work tomorrow and the morning should be fairly smooth sailing. Now, just to get myself to bed early enough to wake early. That would be perfect.

The last two days I have been focused on my yarn work. It’s been really relaxing and just what I need before another busy week. The kids have been extra needy, which is kind of to be expected with all that is expected of them these days. Masks in school. Keeping their distance. Washing their hands a lot more. School days not running like they use to. It’s a lot to handle. I have been trying to keep life fairly low-key at home because of it.

Like tonight. The girls have collected enough change to turn it in and buy themselves something fun. About once or twice a year, their coin jars become full enough with our spare change and change that they collect and we make an outing of it. Tonight was not as successful as usual, but they all came home with somethings that they like and I picked up a few shirts and cooking magazines myself. I’m really searching for some inspirations.

The down side of taking it easy is all the housework that piles up. While I have been keeping up on a few things, a family of five creates a lot to keep up with. Now that I’ve had some good rest, I feel a wind brewing. Soon I’ll have everything all organized again.

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Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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