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It started with my husband getting the news that he’s ever so slightly pre-diabetic amongst a few other health concerns. (This was when he was in the hospital for two TIA strokes a month or so ago). Things that could be eased or managed with a better diet. I’m the main cook in the house, kind of by design. James is an amazing cook, but I really enjoy the whole process of researching nutrition and recipes. I love trying new foods and creating meal plans. I feel most grounded while cooking. I also tend to make healthier meals than my husband.

While I have never had much success as a vegetarian, I have spent most of my life on a more plant based diet. My mom tried to have a a few meatless nights a week when we were growing up. A few that we thought were meat, were probably tofu or some other substitute. She was good at sneaking it in without us knowing and sometimes telling us later. So I picked up this Plant-Based Meals magazine for some inspiration.

Then I found these two and have already made variations of what I’ve found in them. I’m excited to try some of the breakfast recipes. Making batches of stuff to freeze and reheat later in the week. I’m great at making breakfast, for lunch or dinner, but trying to make anything beyond scrambled eggs or cereal most mornings is not my strong suit. I have made sheet pan egg bake before and cut it up for breakfast sandwiches, I’m looking forward to making it for the girls.

Then there is my love for Fall cooking. I had to work at getting excited about it this year, though. My mom coming down and setting the house to a little more order was a huge help in getting me back into my rhythm. Hopefully I can keep with it. So, to help get some inspiration, I found these. I’m really excited for a lot of the apple recipes. I try to focus on apples and pears in early Fall and pumpkins more towards the end. Although, this year, it’s been a lot of pumpkin already. And now that I like pumpkin spice coffee from a few select places…

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