More Kitchen Witchery

I’ve been in need of an apron and what better time to get one than the season that brings out the Kitchen Witch in me. Of course I had to get oven mitts to match.

Belle really is turning into quite the little helper. She was great at making the salad with me. I heated up some canned chicken and dumpling soup with some added canned chicken and toasted some seedy bread to make a complete meal. Definitely another favorite in this house!

This was my first time making acorn squash. I’m so glad my mom told me to bake them for a bit to make it easier to cut them in half. I cooked the ground beef while the squash baked. I used one of my usual spice blends and added some fresh basil from my new plant I’ve managed to keep alive for a few weeks now. (We’ll see how long it survives in my care.) Once the ground beef was done I sautéed some yellow squash, zucchini, and frozen corn. When the squash was ready, I filled them with layers of veggies and ground beef and topped them with shredded cheddar cheese. It was amazing. The kids, however, were a little less thrilled about it. Maybe they’ll like it better next time.

I also made dessert/bedtime snack while making dinner. I used the Jiffy mix and added ground flax seed and apple butter. There was enough left for them to have one in their school lunches. These, unlike the squash, were a hit.

One of my favorite meals, meatloaf. This is mini turkey meat loaves with roasted carrots, radishes, and purple sweet potato.

I put the vegetables in to roast with olive oil and spices. The ground turkey was mixed with oats, an egg, spices, and more of that basil plant (which is currently thriving, yay!). I also mixed in some BBQ sauce. I love all the different colors with the vegetables. And while the meatloaf is ugly in the mini-loaf tray, it was pretty on the plate where I let them rest for a minute.

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