Quick Granny Squares, hahahahaha

I’ll just make a bunch of squares for each kid and then simply sew them up and be done. They’ll be really cool, simple, and quick. Riiiiiight.

Of course I can’t just make them something with a simple design. I can’t just follow someone’s pattern. Nope. I’ve got to play around with how to fit them together to make a garment that best fits not only their individual style, but they’re personality.

This is the front for my youngest’s. I’m really planning on getting another inch in dimensions after blocking. Her’s will be the only one completely made of squares. No real frills, although I’m going to find a pretty hem for the bottom and the sleeves.

I have not begun sewing anything together for my middle kid’s sweater yet. Her’s is not as far along as the other two. I sort of regret the square I chose, but by making all three at the same time, it keeps it interesting. I’m just finally far enough along with my oldest’s squares to start designing and the sewing and here I sit at 12am, sewing. I foresee many late nights sewing with granny squares in my future.

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Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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