Three Granny Squares: Progress is Tough

The farther along I make it with these sweaters, the less time I have to work on them. It’s one thing for the kids to see the squares as I make them. It’s another when I’m stitching them together and it’s starting to look like an actual piece of clothing. So I’ve got some late nights in my future.

I’m also working on a purse for my 5 year old niece. She likes Frozen, like my youngest, and I was inspired to start making this one day. I always seem to forget just how long it takes to cover the plastic. Now I get to have fun sewing it all together (that’s not sarcasm; I love this stuff). I’m going to make a strip to go across the top and work as a clasp, and I’ll crochet a strap too.

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Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

2 thoughts on “Three Granny Squares: Progress is Tough

  1. The blue “wheel” pattern (you can tell I know Nothing about knitting!) looks really nice. I can sympathize with the late night assembly -many a Christmas eve has been spent trying to assemble wagons and trikes!


    1. Thank you. It was suppose to be like a peppermint. 🤣 And it is plastic canvas. 😊 So I just sewed the yarn on and did my best to make a spiral!
      Oh, the things we do for our young!


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