Happy New Year

Our traditional meat and cheese tray. I did forget the port wine cheese for my husband though.

We made it! 2020 is over. Only one of us didn’t last until midnight this year. We did not watch any ball drop or do a count down, but instead watched Princess Bride and then Men in Tights.

I’m also trying to get a bit more organized again. I’ve been going room by room and throwing things away and boxing up donations. I reorganized my yarn a bit because the holiday rush got things a bit messy. I wasn’t supposed to knit more than a couple gifts this year and I did more than that. This year I’m going to stick to my new rule: no more knitting Christmas gifts. I’m done with the rush and the less than stellar response to what I’m making.

That’s not to say that I don’t have people who truly appreciate what I make them, but between knitting hats for selling at work, crocheting sweaters for my kids, and what I want to make myself, I have to get practical about what I can actually accomplish. My dad is definitely knit worthy and so he got a ‘one of a kind’ version of the hats I sell (stag horn cables on the sides). My sister is amazing and wears everything I make her, so she gets fingerless mitts that she’s been asking for and a ‘one of a kind’ version of another hat I sell (the ‘arrow’ style cable down the front). Her husband is absolutely wonderful to her and is great with his nieces, so he gets some nice fingerless mitts too.

So I’m ringing in the New Year by clearing out the clutter and focusing on the important stuff. I am no longer stressing myself out trying to go above and beyond based on other people’s expectations. I am simply going to enjoy life and soak up this time with my kids and my husband.

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Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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