Oh Mondays

Me in my Monday glory. PJs and slept in hairstyle.

It’s quickly approaching the afternoon, but I’ve hit the ground running today. I packed the kids’ lunches last night and set their tablets to charge for their return to school. This makes a huge difference in the morning because now I could put breakfast in the oven, start my coffee, and then help my kids find clothes and help them put them on. My kids are not morning people.

My oldest complained that she could find her own clothes, but she put on what I gave her anyway. I had to fully dress our youngest, and then breakfast was ready. I try to make eggs or oatmeal most mornings, but occasionally I pick up egg and cheese things to heat in the oven. I’d say half their mornings are cereal and half of them are cooked. I’m feeling awfully proud of myself for that.

So far, the morning was going well, then the minutes started to zoom by and we were racing to brush teeth, put on shoes, coats (at least one of them always wears her coat, it’s a losing battle with our oldest), backpacks, masks, and grabbing lunches (which has been reduced to mostly packaged goods because I’m tired). Things descended into some yelling, but we were off and in pretty good moods. Yay! Then I headed to the grocery store before I lost my drive.

I’m still having trouble getting myself to the grocery store. It’s not even about the pandemic anymore. Ok, it’s a little about the pandemic, but really I am not good at being around too many people and having to think clearly about my grocery list at the same time. About ten minutes into my trip I start getting tired. My brain begins turning to mush and I feel my inner toddler wanting to throw a fit at the indignity of it all.

I drove home feeling a huge sense of accomplishment. Got myself a wonderful cup of coffee from one of my favorite local coffee shops and began to think about the huge task of dragging everything into the house. I made pretty quick work of it, though, and feel I have earned myself a rest. Next up on today’s agenda, some yoga and then some cleaning. Not much, but enough to make sure this is really a Monday.

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Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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