Sister Shawl: Part II

It’s a bit of a strange feeling to be finishing this up. Especially knowing that I’m going to be packing this up until my sister receives her’s. It’ll be a surprise all over again for me too! I meant to sew that little hole up, but I’ve grown attached to it. And the bit where I added a second ball of yarn doesn’t look as obvious when it’s not all stretched out. And the missed cross-over in a braid was a fix from the back and I kind of liked the look of it, so I left that too.

I can tell which shawl I did the pattern on first. I tried to use my shawl as a practice, but there were a couple sections where I worked it on my sister’s first. This white cable section was the second go at it. I just love how similar they are and yet so different. The accidents or mistakes along the way only add to their charm and seem to fit perfectly with each of our stories.

I also really like having to block it out in sections. I’m reintroducing myself to something I’ve been working on for half a year now. Really getting to see each part in its own glory before finally holding the whole piece out for one really good look. My excitement might convince me to send it a little early. I still have about three months to wait, but I also still have the story to write, so we’ll see when I get to it. I still have their Christmas presents sitting on top of the fridge waiting for me to send them.

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