Snow Days

The car has been dug out and driven a few times during this storm. The Golf R is a beast!

We are on our second snow day this week and the snow is still coming. We’ve probably gotten about 10-12 inches accumulation over the last three days. Around here that brings a lot of things to a halt. It has also been causing some heavy cabin fever.

I got to thinking about how Snow Days were such an excitement for the girls in the past. A break from the regular demands of school and socializing. Now, they mean not seeing their friends when they see so few of them as it is. No change to the monotony of this house. Even more time with their sisters. They bear it well and surprise me with their kindness and thoughtfulness, but they’re going to kill each other.

I also began thinking about perspective. It has always fascinated me. Especially how a slight shift of it can change everything. To understand or be aware of many perspectives opens you to a bigger world and, I have often found, makes it harder to be hateful, or angry. Our current time has really turned things on their head. It’s a bit like Wonderland.

So as we reach the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, I’m looking for the shift in perspective. The shift to new growth and new life. I’ll be looking for signs of Spring.

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