Dinner Was a Disaster

Well, cooking dinner last night was an interesting affair. I had it all planned out in my head. It was going to be perfect and it is sort of one of my fallback recipes when we’re low on food and energy. Easy peasy, right? Oh my goodness am I good at making a mess of things.

First, I made the cornbread muffins. I put the mix in the bowl and the eggs and then realized we’re out of milk. No problem. I’ve got canned milk. I open it up and it doesn’t look right. I check the date and it’s two years too old. Check the other cans. Same. But wait, my mom left almond milk that she uses when she’s here. Pulled that out and it was frozen because the fridge is a bit empty and and it was in the back, where things freeze. Great. I’m using water.

Into the oven in their little silicone muffin tray they went. Ok. Now the casserole stew. I dumped some frozen mixed veggies into the buttered casserole dish, then the canned chicken, and then I opened the soup thinking it was odd that it was a pull tab, to find condensed chicken noodle soup. We’re out of cream of chicken soup and only one small can of cream of mushroom sat in the pantry. I really dislike mushrooms. I only buy it for green bean casserole for Thanksgiving and I still mix in cream of chicken soup too. Ok, so then I opened the canned yams and debated using the water from the can in the casserole. If you can guess what I did, then you know what a disaster that was. At least I checked the dates on these cans. Two were a year off!

To top it all off, I was so frazzled by all the mishaps that I didn’t add any seasoning to the dish. Not even salt and pepper! I did add cheese towards the end to try to help save the dish, but not even cheese could help at this point. It was edible. It wasn’t completely awful. But I knew what it could have been and I was disappointed. At least the pre-packaged oatmeal chocolate chip cookies worked out. The girls even had a few for breakfast. And I made sure to get milk and cream of chicken soup this morning. The big cans.

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Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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