It Fits!

My youngest kindly helped take a few photos of me in my sweater. It is such a comfortable fit! I’m so happy about it, especially since giving away the last sweater I made myself because the fit was uncomfortable.

Wet blocking took three days to dry again. By the last day, I draped it over the back of a chair and sat it in front of the radiator to get the last bit of dampness out. I am lucky to work with people who appreciate my joy and delighted in my accomplishment with me. I definitely wore this sweater almost the whole week after finishing it.

Of course I’m still working on the Secret Sweater, I started another sweater for myself, and am currently designing new items to sell at the massage studio where I work. Busy busy.

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Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

2 thoughts on “It Fits!

  1. Just wondering, since I know nothing about knitting, why do you have to “wet block” the sweater after finishing? Is it made of wool and you’re wetting ti to get the shape just right? In any case, it looks great and very comfy!


    1. Thank you! I mostly work with acrylic and cottons and those blends. Since I knit the sweater all in one piece, it is easier to wet block than steam block because steaming dries so quickly. With wet blocking, I could really tug the sweater out to the right size and set the stitches and woven ends in. It softens the yarn and I feel it really helps set the colors too. You typically wet block with wool, as steam, or too much heat will really shrink the wool.


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