Rice and Beans and After-school Snacks

It has been a long time since I’ve made rice and beans. It use to be one of our staples when I was a stay at home parent and when I was so busy working that I had to have meal plans or we would never have the right groceries or eat anything decent at all. Right now I plan on the fly and I’m so exhausted from this past year and the several years before that, that I have been less than stellar in the kitchen lately.

I’ll admit, I’m using rice pouches instead of measuring from a bag. Like I said, I’m tired. Then I rinsed some canned kidney beans and threw them in a pan with diced orange peppers and my usual spices. My youngest and I loved it, while my older two did not care for it. I felt like myself again while cooking. It was really nice.

I have also been trying to get back to basics with our snacks after school. My kids absolutely love fresh fruits and vegetables, so why not make platters of them. I add either turkey, cheese, or pepperoni and crackers or pretzels. It’s even helped me eat a bit healthier. Slowly we are getting back on track.

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