Knit First Drafts

Here are the first rough drafts for my Artemis Spring/Summer designs. Each of them need adjustments and some redesigns, but I just need something done that I can look at and see where I need to tweak things or completely change them. The Stag always seems to be the easiest. I like to keep it simple, clean, and in line with the style of the studio where I am a massage therapist and where I sell these.

The top one is the only one with buttons right now. It is the first draft with the first final draft below it. I still have to secure the button hole with some stitches and sew on the buttons and weave in the end, but for now I’m focusing on making about five of these and then I’ll start the final revisions on the gold Archer.

Part of the process. I kept pulling all my pattern books out and scouring them for the perfect bit or hint of what I wanted and what would work. All three are made with the same fundamentals, but have their own border style and hem. This gold one still has some tweaks needed and has probably been ripped out the most, but I think my second draft will do the trick. I have pages of notes for each bandana. The green one will be getting some changes as well.

This part is a mixed bag for me, but getting everything just right and being able to replicate it again and again is so rewarding to me. To have other people like what I’m making is even cooler. I haven’t perfected my pattern writing skills, but it’s all one big puzzle to me anyway, which is part of what I love.

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