The Lake is Back!

Whipple Dam is a favorite hike of ours and we have not been able to go there for quite some time now. They have been putting bridges and ramps along the trail for a few years and then they set to draining and dragging the lake last year. We were able to hike a few times while they worked on it, but then they shut the trails down. We decided to try again the other day and because family time is rare these days, we wanted to do something we all love.

The battle was epic. Our oldest staged a sit-in against going to the woods. Our middle one eventually joined. There was much screaming and stomping of feet. Chaos and collecting of items for the car ride ensued next, and then the scramble out the door and into the car. It was a mighty feat, but we managed to get on the road and past the rain for a wonderful walk through the trees by a stream. My favorite kind of place and the girls had so much fun rediscovering one of their favorite trails.

It’s a very swampy place, hence all the bridges and ramps. It also causes a lot of fallen trees where the roots just don’t have anything to hold onto. The result is some really cool sights. We could have stood there for a while enjoying the view, but the bugs were rough right there, even with our -covers everything that can bite you- bug spray. Ticks are even worse than ever before. Although, I will say, we’re usually safe on the trail as long as everyone sticks to it. It’s backyards and climbing around in nature that gets us.

It was a fantastic trek with three adventurous kids and the perfect partner. Worth all the battling and whining. We picked up some things for dinner on the way home. Had showers after and settled in to relax before bed. We may have let everyone stay up a little too late, but we were all enjoying some time cuddling on the couch together before another week of missing each other.

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