Getting a Massage

It has been way too long since my last massage. I am not always this terrible about getting body work done, but our schedules at work are always full and it’s just been too difficult to schedule anything for ourselves. The studio owner noticed this and set up a couple days for a therapist to come in and work on us. I have really been looking forward to it.

Since it has been a while, I wanted to prep myself for the hour. I began drinking a bit of extra water. I stretched and foam rolled and stretched some more. I took a wonderfully hot shower and rested and then stretched again. I made sure to leave with plenty of time so I didn’t feel rushed. I even had a chance to breathe a bit before getting started.

It was wonderful. He really focused in on what I needed and had asked for, which was arms and shoulders with some neck and chest/scapula work. I’m usually pretty bound up through my arms, but after some house painting the other day, they have been pretty shot. I also made sure to bring water and have been drinking lots of it over the last couple days.

I’ve been stretching and checking posture regularly since. It feels delightful to be able to actually feel the movement in my muscles again. Definitely too long since my last massage, but it sounds like the owner might try to make this a regular thing for us, which would be fantastic. I still need to schedule massages on my own, though. Honestly, I should be getting two a month just for regular care.

So, don’t forget to book yourself a massage. Make sure to drink extra water and stretch both before and after your session. Don’t be afraid to communicate exactly what you want and be sure to give yourself some recovery time afterward. I need to start scheduling my husband somewhere too.

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