House Painting

Big news. The thing that has been keeping me from staying on task with this blog is a house. We bought a house! It’s still pretty hard to believe. We did a little painting already, but are moving in slowly. The girls are almost done with school and we live a couple blocks from where they all go, so we’re taking the month to really get things set up at the new house before we actually move in.

We’ve changed the locks. Moved some boxes in. And hung out in the yard, on the porch a few times. The first links of our ownership are in the books, the kitchen, and, oddly enough, the bathrooms. My first goals are to get the kitchen at least halfway ready, and bathrooms set up. And the bookshelves.

There are so many firsts for us with our first house. First pool, first fenced in yard, first yard, first fire pit, fix it jobs, designing, … We even have a started extra room that we want to turn into a bathroom with a closet/sitting area off of our bedroom. The girls will have their own rooms, and a third floor to play in. Today is more cleaning in our apartment. I’m hoping to pack a few things too. For now, I’m resting. It’s been a busy week!

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