The Mess of Moving

This corner has been seeing a rotating variation of boxes and totes as I fill them up and then transfer them over to the new house. This particular stack has most of our holiday decorations. That’s one more closet empty.

As areas of the apartment become emptied of their important items, what remains are the leftover bits of our time here and a giant bag filled with trash. I’m trying to get as much as we can over to the new house as quickly as possible so we have plenty of time for cleaning and painting here at the apartment. We have definitely left our mark. I’m not sure we’ll get our security back, but if we can be rid of our busybody landlords, I don’t really care. Although, it would be nice.

The pile of donations is ever rotating as well. My mom has taken several bags on her way home up in New York State. A friend of mine has taken a few boxes of books and toys to a place near her. And I have dropped off just under a half a dozen bags of clothes myself. Here’s even more and I guarantee we’ll have still more before this is over.

I definitely got some rest this morning, but am relieved I made some headway before tomorrow. I’m getting another massage (I’m so happy my boss set that up for us!), and I really wanted most of the heavy lifting done today. I’ve got more moving to do Wednesday.

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Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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