His and My Cable Sweaters

I can feel my husband’s delight every time he sees me working on his sweater. I had been calling it my secret sweater and had, in fact, been working on it in secret for months before other things took over and it sat unattended for a while. Much like the sweater I had been working on for myself that I recently picked up again. With all our troubles, I decided to show it to him one day in the hopes of cheering him up. It worked for a short time, but as it continued to sit, the effect wore off.

Both have entered sleeve land and mine still has some rib edging to do yet. It has been very satisfying to work on something for both of us during this really tough time. I don’t even care about my mis-crossed cables on the back of my sweater. Or the too-short I-cord on his. They speak to the imperfection of our lives together and those imperfections make us who we are.

This is one of my favorite sweater edition magazines. I have many plan inside these pages. For my husband’s I have combined these two patterns to be able to knit in the round and use the fisherman’s rib. And since my husband knows about the sweater now, I’ve been able to have him try it on and know it fits. His smile is very motivating.

My sweater is this top down cardigan that I’ve added Viking cables to and will be making just a few tweaks to the ribbing set-up. It may be a bit larger than I intended, but I did want a big comfy sweater, so I’m happy. I’m hoping to inspire us to remember who we are and that this family can make it through anything. This is just another one of those trying times and things will be looking up soon. At least I hope they will be. I mean, I do have hope that they will be.

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