Rabbits Review

That was one wild ride. My mom finished it before I did and so we haven’t really talked much about it yet to make sure I didn’t accidentally get any spoilers. The only thing she said was that she wasn’t sure how she felt about the ending. Now that I have finished it, I understand what she meant.

I really enjoyed the story building. If you’ve ever found yourself going down a rabbit hole of any conspiracy, like the Berenstain versus Berenstein and Mandela effect, then you might really enjoy this trip. I swung a lot between not being able to put it down, and needing to put it down to feel sane again and remember what reality is.

This is definitely worth the read and staying on my shelf. Even if the ending leaves you unsure of how to feel, the rest of the book is a page turning thrill ride full of twists and mind bending excitement. I highly recommend it.

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