Post Apocalyptic Red Riding Hood

I finally finished this one and it did not disappoint. This was the kind of adventure that kept me reading on, trying to figure out the pieces. I admit to taking breaks. These end of the world stories often sweep me up and, considering the world’s and this country’s current condition, it could be a little too much for me to bear. Then my curiosity would take over and I would pick the book back up.

I was definitely kept guessing and could not really predict what would happen next. I sped through the last bit and do not regret the rush. Never before has that happened. I’m usually sad and forlorn to have finished up so quickly, but the journey was so satisfying that the end was not a let down.

Christina Henry’s writing plants you right there with the character and firmly in the world she is creating. Moving back and forth from ’after’, where we meet Red, and to ’before’, where we learn how she got to ’after’ lent itself to the guessing game. Each time she shifted from one to the other, I was hungry for more reasons, more illustrations of Red’s development into a survivor.

This is another one for the ’highly recommend’ list and has a reserved spot on my shelf. Some day in the future I will read it again. Now that I know the whole tale, the adventure will be all the more thrilling the second time around.

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