All Souls

I read the All Souls trilogy a couple years ago and decided to re-read them around Halloween. The first book, A Discovery of Witches, starts out in the Autumn. Timing lined up well. Then I began the second book, Shadow of Night, which happens across the winter holidays, around the winter holidays. I have been slowly making my way through the third book, The Book of Life. I think I have slowed down with this one because, a few chapters in, hype around the third season of A Discovery of Witches was amping up. After talking to a few other people and reading lots of reviews, I succumbed and began to watch the show.

Personally, I prefer when the visual version is it’s own thing. There are definitely pieces that need to be right, and scenes that are necessary, but it is a whole different way of story telling. It requires a certain skill to appropriately adapt books so loved by the fans. I have been thrilled with the tv show, but trying to read the third book while trying to watch it is rather disorienting.

I will say I was disappointed they did not include the yoga class. I was really looking forward to that. And there are some characters that just weren’t given the depth they deserved, but time is of the essence and pieces need to be lost. I did appreciate the added depth for other characters. And certain aspects of the story make more sense now.

Basically, the show adds a richness to the whole epic tale, even if nothing beats the books. It has a bit of everything. I never quite know how to explain a book about a vampire research professor of genetics (to be brief) who falls in love with a non-practicing witch professor of alchemy (to avoid magic) who falls in love with him, too. There’s self-discovery, and fighting, and time travel, and plots to fight back against an oppressive system of governing, and family, and a race to find a book that contains mysterious secrets about everything and so much more. So expertly woven.

This is definitely one of my favorite works, and the show has delighted me quite a bit. I have enjoyed the interpretation and added adventure of seeing the story fresh. I highly recommend checking both out. I will add, I am a binge-style sort of viewer and am looking forward to rewatching it all together, instead of week by week. Happy reading!

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