Plum Sweater Done!

It’s done! Almost a year in the making. It’s so cozy and I’m so glad I added pockets!

The right pocket is a bit wonky. The left came out pretty good. I’ll make sure to use the after-thought pocket method next time. No sewing!

I used small buttons for the collar so I can keep my neck warm. Then I used larger ones for the rest. I love these wood buttons and I really love the decoratively cut one.

I forgot why I made it so long. I like long jackets, but I would have made it an inch or two shorter. I remembered that I had to add a different knot to the front to keep it even with the back. Then I remembered the cables on the back determined the length!

And, of course, now that this is done, I’m making a matching hat and fingerless mittens to go with it. I’m going to keep them simple.

I’m also writing up a similar jacket for my oldest. She picked some cables and I’m patching it all together on paper.

Happy knitting!

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Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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