Bridgerton and Then Dinosaurs

After watching the second season of Bridgerton I read The Duke and I. I definitely prefer the book to the show, but I do love the show! The colors, the sets, the costumes, the music! They tell so much of the story without saying a word. I love that it’s grounded in historical society, but with elements that give the tale it’s own reality.

The book binding is bent in many places. It traveled with me everywhere, just in case I had a few moments somewhere. I’m grateful to have seen the show first so I could use those images while I read and keep track of all the characters. Although, there are fewer main characters in the book.

The author’s personal story at the end was fun too. I totally forgot about the Sweet Dreams series, which I definitely read a few of in my youth. Oh, the comfort of a happy ending romance.

Now, I’m diving into Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs. So far, I’m really enjoying it. The great interconnectedness of the universe. The play of the cosmos that is happening all around us. I never thought of myself as much of a science nerd, but I’m exactly that. I’m an oddball who is achingly curious about the world around me. I want to understand both the big picture and the fine details of it all. The more I find out I don’t know, the more excited I get exploring.

Truth is, I’ve never much enjoyed science enthusiasts talking about science. What I was exposed to was often dull and tedious. Scratching the surface was fun. Bill Nye, and kids books on everything, classroom experiments,… Those were wonderful introductions to ideas and disciplines, but whenever I tried to dig deeper, the obstacles became many. It may have been due to being a scatterbrained female growing up during the token woman era. I wasn’t masculine enough for science, nor was I female enough. And I had too many other interests consuming my time and energy to get too hung up on it.

So this title caught my eye about a year ago and I started reading the introduction. This, I thought, this is the kind of enthusiasm I’m talking about. The kind I saw glimmers of in my high school teachers when they covered their favorite topics. The sort of giddiness my college friends exuded when talking about their studies, or when getting ready for an experiment they designed. (Come to think of it, pretty much all of my friends in college were science majors, while I was literature/linguistics and sociology). The same enthusiasm I find with colleagues when we talk about the overlapping elements of science and metaphysics in touch healing (massage therapy and energy work).

So I’m tickled with delight by the multidimensional concepts of this book. Lisa Randall has put her joy and curiosity into it and emphasizes all the different, seemingly unrelated, events and people that came before and came together to lead to this book.

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