Waffle Iron Inspiration

When it comes to cooking at home, I have been really uninspired for a while. Meal planning has not been successful. Grocery shopping has been off the chore list. Our diet has been crap.

So I bought some recipe magazines filled with things I’ll actually make. My mom visited and is great at setting the house to right, so we can actually see surfaces again. My oldest loves doing dishes. All perfect for getting back on track.

Tonight I made waffle iron omelettes. While I cooked bacon in the oven, I mixed pre-made potato hash with oil and seasoning and heated some spinach on the stove. Then I layered the potatoes, egg mix, spinach, cheddar cheese, bacon, and topped it with more potatoes in the waffle iron and ta dah!

Those magazines gave me some great ideas. I got a good meal plan put together and some real grocery shopping done. Maybe I’ll even get into a more consistent workout schedule too.

Published by adg34

Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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