Summer is for Smoothies!

We bought a nice blender several years ago so we could make smoothies with the kids and treat ourselves as well. We go through swings of them in this house, and right now, we’re really into them.

My husband’s recipes tend to be more like a dessert, while mine are more like a snack. He uses milk and peanut butter, or chocolate with the fruit. I can’t have milk, so I use orange juice and yogurt.

Today we had peach smoothies. I filled the ninja cup with frozen peaches, one banana, about 1/2 a cup of vanilla Greek yogurt, and as much orange juice as I thought looked about right. One of my new favorites. The kids liked it too.

And that’s my basic recipe. I just use whatever frozen fruit I’m in the mood for. I also wash everything right away because there isn’t much that’s more frustrating than trying to clean dried fruit and yogurt off tiny blades that spin.

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