Yes, Another Murder Mystery

I am loving this book! And yet again, I forgot I was reading a murder mystery until someone was dead. It was a shock.

I’m always tickled when writers write about the magic of books. I mean, what good writer doesn’t know the power of words on paper, bound together, and placed on a shelf?

“Stories are just like people. If you don’t approach them with an open mind and a healthy dose of respect, they won’t reveal their hidden selves to you… You’ll walk through life an empty husk instead of a vibrant kaleidoscope of passion, wisdom, and experience.”

The power stories have to heal are central to this tale. Stories that make you dive deep into the horrors of your own life help open the wound to get the infection out. To face it and accept it.

Then there are the stories that help clean the wound out. That bandage it up to allow for the healing work to begin.

And then there are the stories that help you breathe again. One deep breath at a time, until you can embrace the joys of life once more.

I’ve really only just begun reading this and I’m already feeling some real attachment to it. “Magical realism” is what the critics are saying to describe this book. And “savor” is used a lot too.

If you’re looking for a book to get lost in, I definitely recommend checking this one out.

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