Practical Magic Review

I almost didn’t buy this book. It was the first one I picked up on one of my rare trips to Barnes & Noble by myself. I then found another book and then another. I wandered a bit holding all three, debating on the cost, my desire for more books, and the plethora of unread ones at home.

I put the first two back and held onto the third one as I made my way to the register. Once there, I discovered that this choice was also part of the ‘buy one get one half off’ and went straight for Practical Magic. I happily trot home with my purchases and dove right in.

I’ve seen the movie many times and had every intention of reading the book. Now, here I sat, finally doing it. I probably could have finished it in less than a week, but I dragged it out a bit. Let myself fully savor the characters, the style, the feel of it.

I have filed it in the same category as Stardust and Chocolat. Stories I fell in love with as a film first. Quick paced, action filled, breath stealing versions. Finding out they were based on books was thrilling.

These are all stories of love told from a place of true love. Like a conscious dream observing the action without judgment. Detached, yet a part of the stream.

As much as I would prefer to tuck this one away on my shelf, it deserves to be read and I have lent it out already. I’m so glad I finally gave it a chance. It’s perfect for curling up and getting lost.

Happy reading!

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Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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