Lazy Day

I didn’t really accomplish much today. I just sat and finished four of these squares and then single crochet stitched them together. All the ends are still unwoven.

I did two racks of dishes. Some with my youngest. She’s so proud of how helpful she was. We spilled water and cleaned it up. She even swept up the living room to keep it neat. We built a blanket fort in her room and she decorated it with enthusiasm.

But I also let her play on the kids’ phone for hours so I could make those squares and stare at my phone when I needed a break.

I sewed on pockets for the final touches on my middle kid’s sweater and set it to soak. It should be ready for blocking tomorrow and a day more for drying. She’s super excited, but I’m just wishing we had spent more time cuddling instead of her playing games on the tablet all day.

I reheated leftovers and served everyone. My oldest was still hungry, so made chicken nuggets for her and her sisters, and her special sauce they all love so much. While they ate them up, I sat and sewed my new slippers soles back onto the cloth bit. Good as new once more.

Now it’s already time for bed. Everyone has an early start. It seems I have accomplished a lot, but maybe not the most satisfying day. Winter holidays are approaching, so I’m making plans for some quality time together. Maybe a lazy day of little moments was exactly what we needed.

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Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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