Still Early on the Journey

And this is why I don’t finish writing everything out before I start knitting. As I continued working on my second attempt stitches just weren’t lining up for the second sleeve or the other front panel. And I wasn’t liking the look of the thin line cables that frame the main diamond cables. They were getting lost amongst the moss stitches.

I realized I did need to make charts for the second sleeve and left front panel to keep it easy for me. Did I mention this is a raglan top-down cardigan? So I wrote out the framework in reverse and began writing it all onto the graph paper. I made a few notes and labeled everything.

Then I got a fresh page to write out the new pattern. After a few lines I tried it out for a third time and I think I’ve got it just the way I want. So I’m now using six pages of charts to write eight lines of pattern at a time and then knitting 16 rows. Then I repeat.

This is one of the fun parts for me. It can be frustrating and tiring because I have to keep starting over or redo the pattern, but once it starts coming together and the cables begin emerging from the stitches I get excited. All that hard work is paying off and my vision begins taking shape.

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