What’s For Dinner?

Dinner was a hit! And I even forgot to add seasoning. Again. I’m really bad at that with casseroles. I would have been happier with some salt and pepper at least, but it was really good.

I was going to use egg noodles, but I guess I used them up already. So I grabbed three different kids of pasta. Each box holding what was too much for some other meal. Some cream of chicken, frozen broccoli, shredded cheese, and canned chicken.

While I cooked the pasta, I laid the broccoli out in the casserole dish to thaw a bit. Once the pasta was done, I mixed everything into the broccoli with some milk and cooked it for about half an hour at 400 Fahrenheit. Then I added some more milk (it was a little dry) and topped it with cheese to cook for another 5-10 minutes.

I made Shepherd’s Pie last night. No pictures, sadly. I think it was my best yet! I season the heck out of the ground beef and add plenty to the mashed potatoes (made from flakes), so the vegetables need nothing. I made it with peas and corn because that’s what we had. And I usually top it with cheddar cheese. So good!

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