Snow Days

Snow Days have become something very different from my grade school years in this post pandemic environment. Since using laptops or tablets for classes during lockdowns, they have found a way to not need makeup days at the end of the year. Just do that instead of a surprise day off.

Part of me is really frustrated that they can’t just relax. We can’t just lay around watching tv or go play outside. Another part of me is grateful they have something to keep them occupied for some of the day. Away from each other. They’re at that age where getting along in short lived magical moments.

I have also noticed that my kids seem to enjoy it. They have lots of breaks and end a little early. They appreciate being able to relax in their rooms while doing their schoolwork. Our youngest stays with me and she has paper packets ready to go for these days. Nothing online except educational games, if she wants to. And of course she wants to.

While they’re not the Snow Days of my youth, they are what my kids will remember. I make them a nice, cooked breakfast. We have lunch together. They play outside when their work is done. And we have that mug of hot cocoa. At the end of the day we all feel like we had a bit of a breather, even if they did still have to log in for some lessons.

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