This Feels Familiar

All that’s left now is the collar, button bands, and pockets. However, this is all the yarn I have left. I went to the same store and it’s all gone. I looked online and it doesn’t exist. I’ve been here before.

My purple cable sweater sat for a year waiting for collar, button bands, sleeve cuffs, and pockets while I looked for more yarn. I finally went with a complimentary shade of grey-purple that actually gave the sweater more appeal. I wound up being happier with the sweater because of it.

While looking for more mushroom colored yarn, I bought an off white and grey that I hoped would work. The off white was terrible, but I did find this taupe at home. I sent this to my sister to ask what she thought. She suggested black. I happened to have a good amount of black leftover from the sweater I crocheted for work.

Initially I didn’t like it, but my sister really pulls off black and white and it is her main color scheme. The more I thought about it, the more I liked it. So, black it is.

I also found a magazine with this knit kit in it and decided that it might be fun. I don’t like making stuffed animals. I’m not a fan of tiny knitting, but something in me just had to get it. So I did. I’m using it to get a break from the sweater. I’ve been so focused and dedicated to it these past couple weeks. I’ve been making so many mindless mistakes and ticked back on so many rows. I really needed a palette cleanser. It’s kind of fun so far.

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