Weird Dreams

I had this dream the other night. I was at a house warming party for a friend’s new apartment. Very low key affair, but the place was large and beautiful. The strangest part here is that I was enjoying the social gathering.

I then decided I wanted to check out my soon-to-be new apartment on the floor below. So my friend, and host, decided to come with me. I was glad for the company. I unlocked the door and we walked in to an entirely different space. It was almost like a time capsule.

There were remnants of the previous tenant throughout the place. I remember thinking what a downgrade this was from my friend’s apartment, but I was happy with it. Bare structures and haphazard items decorated the place.

Then there was this cat. It was part of the deal with getting the apartment. I had tried explaining that I’m allergic, but the landlord didn’t care. I had to keep the cat. I decided to try and make friends with it.

So I caught this orange tabby with a towel and was really easy. Then it was a white kitten and got really vicious and attacked me while I was trying to cuddle it, but couldn’t hurt me. I can still feel the little teeth biting into my fingers. I decided to let it go. It came out of the towel fire colored with a black head.

Basically taking pain meds and falling asleep to Murdoch Mysteries makes for some wild dreams. At least the offending teeth in my jaw have been removed and I’m feeling much better now.

Published by adg34

Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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