Finding Kindred Book Lovers

There was this wonderful woman I worked with briefly when I first started where I am now. We were having a conversation about books and how we almost never get good recommendations or find other people who read what we like to read. I just so happen to have read the first two books of a series I thought she’d like and lent her the first book.

About a month or two later she was explaining to me how the book had gotten damaged. While I was sad, I also get it. Shit happens. She continued that she would not give it back to me in that condition. She also absolutely loved the book and was so grateful to have an awesome new series to read. Here is where she pulled out a bag.

This beautiful person not only replaced the damaged book, but she bought the next three books (after the second one) in the series as a gift for me. I almost cried. I definitely teared up.

So, while I was aimlessly wandering through my collection of unread books (sounds like I have a grand library, when really I’m just doing this in my imagination) I kept coming back to the fifth book in this series. I have been putting off reading it, savoring each novel over the last few years, but this morning I decided it is the only story that could possibly follow The Twisted Ones.

Knowing this was the last one on my shelf, I looked online to see if the author had written anymore, and bless this woman, there are three more! I squealed in delight and cheered. My kids looked at me like I might have actually hit crazy today. I’m three pages in and already feel at home. Seriously one of my absolute favorite series.

The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman. Fairies, dragons, alternate worlds, adventure, whit, it really has it all. It has hints of Sherlock Holmes, some steampunk, definitely Victorian vibes. And it’s a librarian having these crazy adventures. I mean, what more do you want?

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