If Only I Would Shop Online

When we first moved out to a more rural area, driving into town wasn’t such a big deal. It felt good to be in familiar places and shop at my usual stores. Well, gas prices went up and making the trip felt more and more laborious. I got more comfortable going to the local stores.

Except they don’t have the only coffee creamer that tastes great and doesn’t make me sick. Nor do they have the only feminine pads that I am comfortable wearing. (They’re like sitting on a cloud.) The store in town that sells the creamer I use doesn’t sell the pads. The store that sells the pads doesn’t sell the creamer. How silly to drive to town for creamer and pads?! At two different grocery stores!

I do work in town, but almost never have time to stop for anything before and am usually racing home after. Saturdays I often do have the time. So, when I stop I buy four creamer containers and two or three packages of pads.

I’m sure I could save myself a lot of stress (shopping is not my strong suit -unless it’s books) if I would just find them online. At least the pads could be shipped to my door. But I’m a ‘brick and mortar’ sort of person and shopping online spikes my anxiety more than walking into a building does.

So here I am, stocked up on creamer, trying to figure out when I’ll have the time for getting pads.

Published by adg34

Wife, mother, massage therapist, crafter, book lover, and nature lover.

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